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A to Z List of Members of the District of Strathclyde Present and Past.

Surname commencing with “B”

District Grand Priory of Strathclyde

Order of the Temple

Order of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta

Thomas D Bain

Duncan Balfour

David Barr

Thomas Barr (1)

Thomas Barr (2)

William Barr

Graham Barrie

Thomas Barrie

Robert W Battison

Ewan Beaton

Neil Beaton

A L Beattie

Douglas Beattie (1)

Douglas Beattie (2)

Eric W Beaver

James Begley (1)

James Begley (2)

Joseph S Begley

Andrew I Bell

James Irvine Bell

David Bennett

Robert T Bennie

David W Bethel

Andrew Binnie

William Binnie

T S Birrell

James Bishop

J D Bishop

William Black

Kennerth Blackie

Guthrie Blackhurst

Lancelot C Blair

Alex Blews

John W Boag

Michael Board

William Bone

Malcolm L Bostock

Stevenson Boyd

Robert Bradford

Arthur Brooke

P M Brooke

Alexander Ross Brown

Andrew Brown

Eric D Brown

Ian I Brown

John M P Brown

Keir G Brown

Peter Brown

Robert Brown

William Brown

Rev’d William Brownlee

Hugh J Bryden

Duncan Buchan

F Buchanan

James N Buchanan

William Buchanan

Charles Bulloch

Archibald W R Burrell

John Butcher

Alan W Butler