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A to Z List of Members of the District of Strathclyde Present and Past.

Surname commencing with “Mc”

District Grand Priory of Strathclyde

Order of the Temple

Order of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta

John McAlpine

Peter McAuslan

Rev’d John I McBurnie

Jack McCabe

Hugh McCance

Robert McCaw

Hugh B McClement

Thomas J McConnell

Malcolm McCormack

Lindsay McDade

Donald A McDonald

Harry L McDonald

Hugh McDonald

Thomas McDonald

John McDougall (1)

John McDougall (2)

Duncan McEwan

John McFarlane

John H McFarlane

Robert McGhee

Colin F McGibbon

James McGowan

Matthew McGowan

Robert J McGowan

Alex McGregor

Alistair McGregor

Andrew McGuiggan

Angus M McIntosh

Charles McIntyre

Dougald McIntyre

John D McIntyre

John H McIntyre

Robert McIntyre

Tom McIntyre

Andrew L McJarrow

Rev’d G Kerr McKay

John McKay

Ian Logan McKean

John McKean

Norman McKean

William A McKechnie

John McKee

Alex S McKenzie

John McKenzie

Robert McKie

Ronald M McKinnon

Gilbert McKirdy

Lewis McLauchlan

Daniel McLean

William G McLean

Andrew McLennan

Duncan McLeod

Robert McMenemy

William McMillan

William McMinn

Gavin McNab

D E McNally

Allan McNeil

Neil McNeil

Noble McNeil

James McNeill

John McNight

Alexander McPherson

Daniel McQuillan

David McShane

T H McVarnish

John G McVean

William McVean

A H McWilliam

William McWilliam