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A to Z List of Members of the District of Strathclyde Present and Past.

Surname commencing with “S”

District Grand Priory of Strathclyde

Order of the Temple

Order of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta

Robert G C Sawers

Robert G Scott

J W P Scott

Archibald Scoular

Gerald Searle

David Selbie

James M Semple

Robert Shaw

Thomas W Shearer

Thomas Shepherd

Samuel Shields

George Simpson

Ian Simpson

John F Simpson

Robert Simpson

Thomas Simpson

Walter Simpson

David Sinclair

James Sinclair

Malcolm Sinclair

David Sinnaman

Robert Skeil

Herbert Skelton

Findlay M Skinner

Douglas Slimming

George Smellie

John C Smillie

George Smith

James Smith

J R P Smith

Peter Smith

Thomas Munn Smith

Joseph Smullen

Allan J Sneddon

James Sneddon

John W Sneddon

Walter Sneddon

J L Somerville

William B Sommers

Gavin Sorbie

Alex D Speedie

Archibald A Hagart Spiers

Nigel Spike

Robert D Stanfield

Robert Stark

James Steel

David G F Steele

John Steele

John R Steele

William S Steele

David A Stevenson

George Stevenson

Ian M Stevenson

Robert Stevenson

Robert Allan Stevenson

Alan A Stewart

John Smith Stewart

P Stewart

Robert King Stewart

Robert S M Stewart

Trevor M R Stewart

Thomas Stirrat

J M Stoddart

Jack G G H Strachan

John T Strain

J C Stuart

John Stuart

David W Sutherland

George Sutherland

Herbert Swanson

William Swapp

John Syme